A Treat For Phillumenists At Trichy

Phillumeny is the hobby of collecting match-related items like matchbox labels and matchboxes. A first of its kind exhibition in Tamil Nadu was held at Government Museum Trichy. This was to commemorate the history of matchboxes, evolution and subsequent association with people. Nearly 3,000 matchbox labels were on display. Some of them had labels featuring the years starting from 1940. The boxes also had unique labels depicting culture and tradition and also the earlier currency such as annas. They also portray images of freedom fighters thus spreading patriotism. Phillumenists say that such labels are important to study vernacular history. Earlier these boxes were made of metal since the matchsticks containing white phosphorous were highly flammable if concealed in wooden boxes. Though it is recognized as an ancient tradition in western countries phillumeny remains an unexplored hobby in India, said phillumenists.

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