Tail-End Of Canals Yet To Receive River Water

Farmers dependent on New Kattalai High Level Canal and Uyyakondan extension canal in Thanjavur district are a worried lot as water released from the Cauvery river is yet to reach the tail-end areas of the canals.The Kattalai canal branches off from Kattalai bed regulator at Mayanur in Karur district and runs via Trichy district up to Sengipatti in Thanjavur district, feeding several tanks apart from providing direct irrigation. The canal has a total of about 22,000 acres. It carries water to 107 tanks in Trichy and Thanjavur districts. Several tanks are yet to be filled with water released flowing in the canal and thousands of farmers are dependent on the canals to raise a single crop. For the past few years, they have not been able to do so as there was no water flow. This year, the farmers are hoping to go in for the samba crop and have already prepared their fields. We hope the PWD authorities will ensure that the water flows to these tail-end areas and help farmers raise the crop Efforts were being made to ensure that adequate water flowed to the tail-end areas and the water would reach Vazahavanthankottai in a day or two. However, it would take some more time for the water to flow to the tail-end of the Kattalai canal.

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