Redevelopment Of The City

Three major projects are being planned by the Trichy city corporation with the administrative sanction for tourism development projects in Area Based Development. Plans are being made to obtain sanction for the development of Chathiram bus stand, Multi-level car parking and Uyyakondan river front development. In the first two selection list Trichy was not one among the list for smart city and in the third list released in 2017 it took its place along with thirty other cities. An administrative sanction of Rs. 45 crore was made for the upliftment. These three are among the 17 proposals given for smart city project. Multi-level car parking is planned to be executed at West Bouleward Road on a one-acre layout at a cost of about Rs. 20 crore and can park up to 250 cars at multiple levels. Chathiram bus stand will evolve with a new structure in the next few months with a two layered structure. The model will be similar to the one in Bangalore with two wheeler parking and a food court.

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