Ragpickers Find New Employment

The ragpickers, in Trichy will find a new way of survival as the corporation plans to provide a good standard of livelihood by employing them to segregate garbage. Until now the garbage dumped on streets, dust bins and dump yards have been the main source of their living. They wander trying to collect materials that can be salvaged. They generally work from dawn to dusk to find valuable materials that can be sold to traders dealing with junk. Now, wearing jackets provided by the Corporation, they travel on motor vehicles to collect waste from households and segregate them to degradable and non-degradable waste at the point of collection. Till now 70 of them have been identified and employed in different parts of the city. The commissioner said that all of them are experts in segregation and they do a perfect job. Even the employees feel happy that they have lost the tag of ragpickers and obtained a decent position as conservancy workers.

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