New Bypass Road

A new bypass road would soon come up along the Tiruchi-Thuraiyur Road to obviate the need for vehicles to go via Mannachanallur, a small but congested town about 15 km away from the city. The State Highways Department which has jurisdiction over the Tiruchi-Thuraiyur Road has drawn up a plan to lay the bypass road for a distance of about 2.64 km, between Nochiyam and Poonampalayam. Construction of the bypass would entail an investment of about Rs. 30crore. The process is expected to be completed within the next two months after which the work is expected to begin. Mannachanallur has been facing severe traffic congestion as the only arterial road across the town is too narrow to cater to the growing traffic. The town is rapidly emerging as a suburb of Trichy. Besides, the town, famous for its rice mills, also attracts a large number of lorries every day. Commercial establishments and schools are located along this narrow road and traffic snarls are witnessed right through the day. The most affected are office-goers and students. Though a one-way system is being enforced on a stretch of this road, the town is unable to accommodate heavy traffic flow for most part of the day. Recently, the Highways Department had widened three culverts along the road between Nochiyam and Mannachanallur. Once the bypass road is laid, the travel time between Trichy and Thuraiyur would come down significantly.

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