Lemon Turns Dearer As It Gets Hotter

The price of lemon, which is a most sought-after fruit during summer, is skyrocketing in Trichy. A kilogram of lemon is priced at Rs 90/- to Rs 120/-  in the wholesale Gandhi Market in Trichy on Thursday with a lemon costing anywhere between Rs 6/- and Rs 8/-.

Wholesale traders said the price was the highest in three years. Usually Gandhi market sees large bags of lemon arriving from Siruvachur, Perambalur, Thuraiyur and Manapparai. Four to five tonnes of lemon would be sold to retailers in Gandhi market every day. However, water shortage has hit the supply of lemon and the merchants were getting only 3 to 4 tonnes a day, P Venkateswaran, a wholesale trader in Gandhi market, said. “If the local supply is poor, we used to buy lemons from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Unfortunately, we are not able to get it from there this season, due to poor harvest,” he added.

First quality lemons are being sold at Rs 120/-  per kilogram and second quality Rs 100/-. It was just Rs 60/- to Rs 70/-  for the last three years. Due to severe drought during 2015-16, the price had gone up to Rs 7/- for a lemon. The growing demand, because of the soaring heat, is the main reason for the price hike,” he said.

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