Hazardous Winds For Next Few Weeks

Strong winds which are expected to ramp Trichy are expected to occur till the end of July. These winds will cause adverse effects to the eye and respiratory system say the doctors. Certain pattern of proper lifestyle should be followed to protect from adverse effects of the wind. Experts say that people should be able to protect themselves from dust allergies and dust related issues. People with acute and chronic diseases are advised to stay indoors to prevent the disease from getting even more worse. Motorists are advised to wear fully covered helmets and full body clothing which will help in prevent from excessive cough. Children, on the other hand, might contract hay fever, which is caused due to an allergic response to airborne substances. Proper intake of protein can increase immunity during this period, as protein contains amino acids. The moisture content present in the winds during this time may cause dehydration and doctors strongly recommend sufficient intake of water. When it comes to eyes, the prevalence of conjunctivitis, occurrence of corneal foreign body and corneal ulcer increases during this period. All these should be treated at the earliest before the condition could worsen.

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