Green Report Card At Schools

Besides the green and yellow cards of the FIFA there is yet another card that is to be focused on by the inmates of Trichy. A green report card has been given to students as aa part of academics. This is a type of assessment sheet and is an initiative taken by the corporation under the scheme Students At Clean City. This is to segregate wastes at home by school children and hand over to the sanitary workers who collect them every day. This was initiated to commemorate anniversary of corporation’s segregation plan. The Trichy Corporation distributed green report cards to 1.5 lakh students in 350 schools, including private and government schools, in June. The green report card will have house address, ward number, and contact number of the parent or guardian besides a couple of questions to ascertain whether source segregation is practiced in each student’s home and to ensure that routine waste collection is carried out. Sanitary workers will acknowledge their signature in the report card confirming that source segregation is practiced at the child’s home. Likewise, parent or guardian concerned will sign the report card to confirm that waste is collected. Officers would randomly crosscheck the acknowledgements. This has made the students to initiate their parents to segregate the wastes in two different dust bins. The assessment will go on till July 31. On August 6, a list of top three students found tendering extensive support to the initiative (based on the merit of green report cards) will be sent to the corporation head office. On August 15, the three students from every 350 schools will receive prizes including bicycles and dictionaries.

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