Decline In Ranking

A steep decline has been observed in the number of students scoring high marks in the Plus Two state board exams in the city this year. Similar was the case with the number of students scoring subject centum. With 90.92%, Trichy district stood at 15th position in the state in the Plus Two results declared on Wednesday. Last year the pass percentage was 95.01%. Subject-wise centum too came down significantly this year with 402 students scoring full marks in individual subjects. Accountancy saw the highest number of centum this year with 155 students scoring centum out of the total 402. A total of 900 students scored centum last year out of which 265 were in commerce subject.An appreciable number of schools secured centum this year. Among 85 government schools, 12 of them were able to make cent percent result compared to a count of 14 in the last years. Expectation prevails that the number of students who score high marks will come down in the future years. One of the reason may be the increase in the standard of question paper to keep in line with the NEET paper. Another reason can be that focus of the wards has shifted from board exam score to NEET score. A few questions were difficult in every paper which is the reason in the reduction in number of centum.

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