Darkness And Discomfort At Tiruverumbur Bus Shelter

There has been a request from the traveling public to satisfy the basic requirements in the Tiruverumbur bus shelter. The request has been made for the earliest recovery. Interiors of two shelters existing in that location are in a very damaged condition. According to the traders in the vicinity, the bus shelters were constructed at a cost of Rs. 20 lakh each. The metallic row chairs that have been set up in the shelter have been broken and there is not a single light in the shelter. This has caused a major difficulty among the people who travel after sunset. The bus shelters cater to several thousands of passengers every day as many as 1,500 single trips are being made daily by mofussil buses between Tiruchi and various destinations through Tiruverumbur town. There has also been a suggestion that the City Corporation could convert the old MLA office into a toilet complex for the convenience of the passengers.

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