Ban On Plastics

With the state governments decision to ban plastics from January 1, 2019 the district administration has decided to prohibit use of plastic materials from July 15th. All plastic materials will be banned except those used in packing of milk, curd, oil and milk products. It will be imposed under provisions of the Environment (Protection Act, 1986). As a prelude to the effective implementation, officials and employees working in various government offices in Ariyalur district have been asked to give up use of carry bags in the offices. It will cover plastic plates, tea, coffee or water cups, water sachets, water pistons, plastic bags or plastic flags irrespective of their thickness. Teachers and professors of government schools and colleges have been asked to cease the practice of using one-time use plastic materials. This is an attempt to prepare the people to give up the practice of using plastics gradually. Employees would subsequently stop plastic use in their homes too. Municipalities, town panchayats and panchayat unions would enforce the ban on plastics from July 15. A number of awareness programs would be carried out to create awareness among the people of ill-effects of using plastic materials to the environment.

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