AC From Nature

Akhtar Ali, is the best example of how a tyre mechanic can do innovations in engineering projects. This has been his hobby in his spare time amidst his tight work schedule. His inventions include anti-puncture powder, anti-theft device and some more gadgets. A recent invention of his includes a natural air conditioner. Being named as “AC-EC” uses a bubble water can that has been cut at the top to accommodate a bamboo basket holding a small bunch of vetiver grass. The base of the can is filled with around 12 liters of water, and is lined with a layer of pebbles. A terracotta pot is placed inside the water. Using a simple motor, water is piped from smaller bottles secured on the walls into taps to water the grass in the bamboo basket and sent back to the big can. The resulting cool and lightly scented air is circulated in the room with the help of a ceiling fan. Two to three liters of water are enough to cool a small room on a very hot day, especially if the fan is kept close to the can, says Mr. Ali. This was discovered by him when his wife was advise to take rest in an air conditioned room after a major surgery. Mr.Ali designed this at a cost of Rs.1500 as he could not afford to get an AC. He is currently living in Lalgudi and takes orders for this manufacture.

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